Belle & Kenzie




Belle is a multi-generation labradoodle with a creme colored coat and apricot highlights. She is a standard size labradoodle weighing between 50 - 55 lbs and 21 inches tall. Her mother is a white F1b labradoodle which means she is 75% poodle and 25% laborador retriever. Her father is a multi-generation black labradoodle with a wavy fleece coat.

Belle is the quintessential beauty inside and out. Sweet, gentle and a little bit of a clown she can be counted on to brighten any day. She is an incredible mama, providing all of her little ones with nourishment, attention, discipline and love in equal amounts.  Belle shines as a mother. We are so lucky to have her in our world.




Kenzie is a multi-generation parti-colored labradoodle with a creme/chocolate colored coat. She is a medium size labradoodle weighing between 40-45 lbs and 18 inches tall. Her mother is a medium size multi-generation parti-colored labradoodle and her father is a standard size multi-generation australian labradoodle. Kenzie's has a soft, wavy fleece coat.

Kenzie is the poster child for 'Love Bug', snuggling and hugging at every opportunity.  She is extremely agile and loves to run and jump. She is the complete package - both smart and sweet, just a joy to know and love.